Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read these few lines, which may well be useful. Arfooo Directory is a very special project for me and dear to my heart. Adrian Galewski and each developer, contributor, and myself have made unique pieces and full of will that helped, improve overall Arfooo directory, your script directory. Together we have spent thousands of hours developing Arfooo Directory. Always with a view to help you go further together, weld, with envy, the love of a job well done. Thank you for being part of this adventure.
Guillaume Hocine & Adrian Galewski
Installation : less than 5 minutes and you're ready
  1. Unzip the package in an empty directory.
  2. Edit the .htaccess file to enable PHP 5 on your server if necessary.
  3. Upload the entire dir on your server with your FTP software.
  4. Open in your browser.
  5. Follow the installation steps, these will allow you to create different data tables needed for your directory, and also create your admin account.
  6. Once installation is complete, the installation script will return to the login page. Login with username and password you entered during installation.
  7. Rename or delete the install dir for security reasons.
Before you embark on a process update, make sure you save the files you've changed, and your database (requires care).
  1. Remove your old files Arfooo directory except dir /config/, /save/ et /uploads/
  2. Upload the new files.
  3. Open in your brower and select the file for the version you want to update.
  4. That is all... unless
  5. You changed your template, functions, no problem. An update file by file and line by line is available in the dir documentation/en/update/
System Recommendations
To run Arfooo directory, you just need a web server (Unix/Linux/Windows/MacOS X) which supports : :
  • PHP 5.1 and above
  • MySQL 4.1 and above
  • SPL (Standard PHP Librairy)
  • Curl librairy
Optional requirements :
  • mod_rewrite for optimized urls for seo.
  • GD library to be able to generate security codes (captcha).
  • XML to generate Rss Feeds.
Share it
Arfooo Directory does not have an account filled with millions of U.S. dollars or Euros hidden in Switzerland or Japan. We can not offer us much less advertising and marketing campaign, but we have YOU. If you use Arfooo Directory if you appreciate our work and its quality, thank you to share it with your friends. If you have a site that may contain an article, we would appreciate you talking about Arfooo Directory. This is the best way to thank us.
Online Resources and support
About new versions
On the blog you will find the latest information about Arfooo Directory updates and new features.

Support and help
If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or if you found a bug, join us on the forums.
Arfooo Directory is released under the Creative Commons licence (see licence-fr.txt) to which we must add additional terms below :
  • It is mandatory to keep the backlink to found in the foot of the page and each page on your directory.
  • The backlink should be in this form : "Powered by Arfooo Directory"